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Re: Mail Confusion

Am Donnerstag, 13. April 2017, 15:47:07 CEST schrieb Dan Purgert:
Hi Dan,
> How are these computers connecting to the mailserver?  If it's IMAP, the
> client and server will resync when the client connects ... so if your
> oldPC last sync'd a month ago, it'll take it a while to validate what
> it's supposed to do with the (now deleted) messages that it still sees
> as 'new' since the last time you sync'd.

no, it is POP3.
> Note that some mail clients don't always play nice with the IMAP updates
> (I'm lookin' at you K9 Mail), so they leave messages "unread" even
> though they've been read on another device.
> If it's POP ... there could be other things going on, since it's pretty
> much designed to only pull new messages.
> Sounds like kmail may not be configured to tell the server to delete the
> mails when you've deleted them from within the program (or, it only
> sends the purge command on user request).  This means you delete them
> from the kmail view, but when mutt queries the server, they're still
> there.

It is configured, to delete mail, when read. Kmail only offers an option to 
activate or deactivate to keep mails when read.

However, it may be, that kmail does not delete the mails on the server when 
read. This would explain the first point, too. Strange: When I check the 
mailserver via webinterface, all read mails are gone (or just invisible???).