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Re: Mail Confusion

Hi Dan,
> How are these computers connecting to the mailserver?  If it's IMAP, the
> client and server will resync when the client connects ... so if your
> oldPC last sync'd a month ago, it'll take it a while to validate what
> it's supposed to do with the (now deleted) messages that it still sees
> as 'new' since the last time you sync'd.
it is POP3.

> Note that some mail clients don't always play nice with the IMAP updates
> (I'm lookin' at you K9 Mail), so they leave messages "unread" even
> though they've been read on another device.
> If it's POP ... there could be other things going on, since it's pretty
> much designed to only pull new messages.

> Sounds like kmail may not be configured to tell the server to delete the
> mails when you've deleted them from within the program (or, it only
> sends the purge command on user request).  This means you delete them
> from the kmail view, but when mutt queries the server, they're still
> there.

Hmm, strange. This should be. When I look at the mailserver via webinterface, 
all downloaded mails are gone. (or may only invisible),