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Re: Mail Confusion

Hans wrote:
> Dear list, 
> I am a little bit confused about mail behaviour. There are two things,
> I do not understand. 
> First of all, the following:
> When I was long time online with another computer, reading my mails,
> and then switch to another computer back, then I rsync the Mailfolder
> to the other computer (so that all mails are on the computer, I used
> not the long time).
> But then, this computer indexes the Mailfolder again (what is ok) and
> then the weired thing starts: It downloads all mails again from the
> mailserver, even I deleted them on this mailserver! This are also
> mails, which are some years old. Where do these mails come from??? By
> accessing the mailserver via webinterface, it shows - NO MAILS!
> Strange thing. Can somebody technical explain this weired behaviour?

How are these computers connecting to the mailserver?  If it's IMAP, the
client and server will resync when the client connects ... so if your
oldPC last sync'd a month ago, it'll take it a while to validate what
it's supposed to do with the (now deleted) messages that it still sees
as 'new' since the last time you sync'd.

Note that some mail clients don't always play nice with the IMAP updates
(I'm lookin' at you K9 Mail), so they leave messages "unread" even
though they've been read on another device.

If it's POP ... there could be other things going on, since it's pretty
much designed to only pull new messages.

> The second thing is: I have local system mails, which are sent to my user 
> account on my computer. These are read with kmail2, and after I read, I 
> deleted them. However, when I call mutt, these mails are still there.
> How must I configure kmail2, so that the mails are deleted in mutt,
> too, when I delte them in kmail2? There are four settings in the
> configuration: none, mutt-dotlock, procmail-lock and
> mutt-lock-with-rights (hopefully correct translated, my kmail2 is in
> German).

Sounds like kmail may not be configured to tell the server to delete the
mails when you've deleted them from within the program (or, it only
sends the purge command on user request).  This means you delete them
from the kmail view, but when mutt queries the server, they're still

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