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Re: System broken after yesterday's upgrade

On Thursday, 13 April 2017 11:20:34 CEST Michael Lange wrote: 
> Another thought: if that is possible, have you tried to boot into a live
> system, just to rule out a hardware issue?

I had used Apple Diagnostics to perform a hardware check, and nothing wrong 
was found.

After that, I tried and reset NVRAM, a nonvolatile random-access memory that 
Macs use to store certain settings like sound volume, display resolution, and 
(I realise only now) startup disk selection.. and GRUB doesn't start any 
longer, it boots up directly into MacOS.

After that, I also reset the System Management Controller (SMC) and at least 
now the initial bootup phase into MacOS is much quicker. 

Now I managed to restore GRUB, using the rescue mode option of my installation 
USB stick. Everything is as before: very slow keystrokes response in grub, 
integrated keyboard and mouse working after some time in login screen only 
when external usb mouse and keyboard plugged in (both of them!)

I've noticed that also Apple Startup Manager suffers from the same issue that 
GRUB has: I press keys and it responds after tens of seconds! Trackpad is also 
very slow or doesn't work at all. I need to check my updates on Apple side..