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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

Catherine Gramze:
> /snip...

I did not ask for advice on what to do, we are discussing the freedom of
choice, remember?

> Debian is not in the business of catering to the special needs of conspiracy theorists,
> but of looking to a technologically developing and progressing future and making it ...

I'd say pushing it not making it

> .... The decisions the developers and 
> project manager make are the best decisions they can make within the
> constraints ......

What business of catering is Debian in?
Technological developing and progressing future was what we live in.

Where are we?  Back in the non-central-western-european-middle-ages?
What you are saying what big oligarchic industrialist dictate is what
Debian should comply with.  Those are the constrains.  To accept such
constrains does not incorporate a value or principles judgement.

Then Debian-hierarchy should skip all this open and free moralization it
plasters all over the place and just stick to non-free industrialists'
puppets they have become, those decision makers, not debian!

Debian is all about choice!  It is just like claiming the same to the
shoppers in the wal-mart racks, at this stage.

> Cathy

What is your interest in defending the authorities of this hierarchy?
Are they hiring or are you already in?  In this case you shouldn't be on
the "users" list.


 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

"Who died and made you the superuser?"  Brooklinux