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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

Maybe I started my explaining at the wrong end of the thread and I get
reactions on a personal level about what I am and whether I have the
right or reason to complaint.

So I'll start from scratch.

Let's say we have market players A B and C whose primary clients are
government agencies that have X-needs.  Then we have minute competitors
D E and F, and even more minute players who consult, write code to make
it all work, and abide by this market.  Due to their clientele ABC can
dump stuff on the market to keep DEF at the verge of destruction.  You
see if you know ahead of time that 30% of your production would be sold
at 200% profit, you can sell 70% at 0,01% profit.

Client-X has "needs" that must absolutely be met or there will be no
free lunch, as some 4x-billions spent on hardware that has a market
worth of x-billions.  To satisfy those needs A,B,C, have lots of
non-free work to do.  This work ends up everywhere on the non-free
market.  All a submissive puppet has to do is abide by the market rule.
"It is what puts bread on the table" and all submissive puppets bless
this bread.  Don't dare deny the blessings of the bread putter.

Now, let's say we need a complex hard to audit central "services"
controller to cover up (for some years at least) of all the dirty tricks
ABC have employed before some convicted felon running internationally
from the law blows some whistle and till that whistle is heard loud
enough to call this round of trickery off.  Then some virtuous
corporation comes out and says I blew that whistle, after the fact.

The "choice" of going cheap on ancient hardware is that you all knowing
expert "technical" but not "political" folk are really clueless of what
those non-free eight-core gadgets you port your code on contain.  It
would take years of testing and listening to identify where those
machines leak from.  Geewhiz, most of you can not even swear you can
tell what Ipv6 is all about, yet!   Do you have android anonymizing
systems and packages?  Tell that to their engineers that have leaked
that it is impossible to do so.  7billion people around earth have self
imposed a gps chip and monitoring system in their pocket 24hrs a day.
Even government and corporate servers are suspect of leaking stuff.  It
is a "heartbleeding" situation.

Now, is systemd a step on the right or the wrong direction in auditing
security?  What do security minded experts say and how did their project
leaders vote?  Don't listen to them, they are always paranoid, they like
morse radio code.

I arrest my case your honors, and I will take the rest of my science
fiction scenario elsewhere, but if I wanted lubuntu or gentoo or devuan
I would have been there long ago.  It just so happens that torproject,
tails, among other good projects are in bed with debian not antiX and
other systems.

After all, to say "I am a technical guy not a political one" is a very
politically loaded statement.  Dr Strangelove was a technical guy, not
political at all.  It is those types you have to watch out for.


 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

"Who died and made you the superuser?"  Brooklinux