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Mail Confusion

Dear list, 

I am a little bit confused about mail behaviour. There are two things, I do 
not understand. 

First of all, the following:

When I was long time online with another computer, reading my mails, and then 
switch to another computer back, then I rsync the Mailfolder to the other 
computer (so that all mails are on the computer, I used not the long time).

But then, this computer indexes the Mailfolder again (what is ok) and then the 
weired thing starts: It downloads all mails again from the mailserver, even I 
deleted them on this mailserver! This are also mails, which are some years 
old. Where do these mails come from??? By accessing the mailserver via 
webinterface, it shows - NO MAILS! Strange thing. Can somebody technical 
explain this weired behaviour?

The second thing is: I have local system mails, which are sent to my user 
account on my computer. These are read with kmail2, and after I read, I 
deleted them. However, when I call mutt, these mails are still there. How must 
I configure kmail2, so that the mails are deleted in mutt, too, when I delte 
them in kmail2? There are four settings in the configuration: none, mutt-
dotlock, procmail-lock and mutt-lock-with-rights (hopefully correct 
translated, my kmail2 is in German).

Thanks for any enlightening!

Best regards