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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

> On Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 6:21 AM, GiaThnYgeia
>> Has Debian always been this crazy and am I so new to this madness?
> Moving the goalposts always generates a bit of madness. Whether this
> time is turning out more so than previous times I'll leave for others
> to comment on.

Moving the goalposts is a decision that weighs on those exact
individuals that made it, not the entire community.

Let me ask this encyclopedic question.  Would newer server hardware
benefit more from the anticipated sysv development or from the systemd?
I suspect that a 4 year old server had a 20% capability improvement with
systemd development while a 1 year old server had a 40% improvement,
despite the fact that the 1 year old one was 4 times as capable as the
older one.  With sysV i suspect the development would maybe affect 24%,
on both.  So was the choice made on the basis of exploiting ever newer
hardware or to continue the human support of those employing Debian for
years?  Disregarding community and bending over to industry, that is!

I have no real data to prove this, I am only suspecting this to be true.

Sometimes sticking to principles and protecting the survivability of the
organization becomes contradictory.  What is meant by "free" is getting
hazier and hazier.  It is now a gray area of market logic.
The question then becomes, as has always been, whose side are you on
boys?  And when I say boys I mean the decision making few that usually
are boys anyway, unlike the woman that wrote the song.


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