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Re: Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

Felix Miata:
> My opinion is that people who want ancient hardware to continue to be
> supported for the longest possible period of time must participate in
> the development phase by testing on the very hardware that they want to
> stay working when it's hardware that developers either no longer have or
> no longer have motivation to use, and they must do so throughout
> development, not only in the final weeks before release is expected.

I'll stick to the "people who want ancient hardware" and ask whether you
perceive those people as having a choice to "want ancient" hardware or
whether this is "all" they have.  Do you anticipate those same people to
be able to start their computing career in developing systems?
Which relates to that world do we want Debian to prevail.  The "free"
world or the "non-free" world in which we live in?

> When a problem is found, it needs to be timely reported according to
> distro policy in the proper place and manner. Reports in the debian-user
> mailing list are insufficient to fulfill this purpose.

By who?  By the person who just lost all graphical access to the system?
By a bug-reporting system that I have yet to see ever working?
Is a person installing debian expected to know how to access and
communicate on the command screen of the -recovery mode?

> You, not we. I'm not here to discuss any policy other than whether this
> thread's content is suitably located, and with this post I'm finished
> with this sub-thread.

Me too ... dealing with such responses

> Did including iomem=relaxed on your cmdline solve your problem, or did
> it not?

I wouldn't know, the person for which I installed Debian for will not
dare switch to Stretch after this experience, will not even talk about
it.  Did you read about the person who used zsh as a login shell and
upgraded Jessie to testing and got locked out of his system because zsh
vanished?  Good thing he knew how to deal with that crisis.

> If yes, say so.

Are you talking to me?  I am one of this privileged well off people to
have hardware that can run Stretch and Sid and all kinds of things.
Send some snail-mail to the less privileged who have lost access to the
net to ask them.

> Supporting ancient hardware forever is not going to happen.

A 2.33Mhz Celeron pc is by no means ancient compared to the Debian claims.

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