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Re: Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

> songbird wrote:
>> did you check /var/log/Xorg.0.log?
> I doubt he does know about it

You doubt or you know?
I knew about it but I did not check it.  There are many logs on /var/log
and its subdirectories.  Can I interpret 3% of what they say?  No!  Do I
need to in order to install and run a system instead of mswin?  I hope not!

Once the final re-installation was done with Jessie what purpose would
checking the log in a functional system?  The log of the system that
would not result in a functional graphic display would probably show
something meaningful.

I did not think this way, I just thought the display itself being old
and of low resolution had come to an altered default resolution that it
could not handle.  I have seen this on other debian based distros, where
the live or installer resolution was so off that you couldn't see half
the installation window.  The debian installers have generally faired
well in this respect.  Although I have had successful installations with
TV screens and parts of the Debian installer off the frame.

Why would a functional system in Jessie be allowed to be broken by a
simple upgrade without at least a warning.  "Your hardware is not
supported by testing/stretch.  If you continue with the upgrade you may
lose graphic functionality of the system".  Shouldn't the same people
who made the decision not to continue the support be responsible to make
sure a patch exists in Jessie that adds such a warning to the user?
Once deleting and reinstalling various display managers and failing, I
scrapped it and started with a new Jessie.

Your excuse for "everything is just fine" holds no water at all for
anyone who does not know of Xorg.0.log unless you really think that
anyone has memorized the Debian administrator's manual in its entirety
BEFORE they attempt an installation.

But this is a users discussion list, not developers.  All we need is a
functional system to do web-browsing, word-processing, database for home
or store use, and a card game.  USERS are not those who are expected to
diagnose and repair developers' broken systems!

And please refrain from giving me a "testing" not "stable" speech as it
is not May 2015, it is almost 2 years later under a long standing
freeze.  And don't dare imply that in stable stretch issues like this
will be taken care of without substantial evidence for this claim.


Look at this misleading chart, Jessie is blue, Stretch is green, which
would you pick to start your experience with Linux?  The neglected
Jessie or the hot off the press Stretch?  Stretch should really be
Jessie 8.8 .... but 8.8 should not break your display management.


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