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Re: Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

GiaThnYgeia composed on 2017-04-10 20:40 (UTC):

Felix Miata composed:

Debian-user is a user support forum, not a developer forum:

    Debian Mailing Lists
    Community assistance and support for Debian users.
    Support for Debian users who speak English.

1st of all, does this mean you have no opinion on the issue?

Which issue? This thread has more than one issue:

1-your Stretch is broken

2-you don't like not being warned in advance that upgrading from Jessie could break your installation

2nd does this mean that nobody here should express an opinion about it?

No. One can write about how one thinks things should be or change without going off topic too far, but for fruit to grow out of the effort, this forum is a poor choice in which to put it.

My opinion is that people who want ancient hardware to continue to be supported for the longest possible period of time must participate in the development phase by testing on the very hardware that they want to stay working when it's hardware that developers either no longer have or no longer have motivation to use, and they must do so throughout development, not only in the final weeks before release is expected. When a problem is found, it needs to be timely reported according to distro policy in the proper place and manner. Reports in the debian-user mailing list are insufficient to fulfill this purpose.

For bug fixes and policy modifications debian-user is the wrong place
for more than passing discussion. I suggest other avenues:

    https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/ mailing list
    https://www.debian.org/Bugs/ bug tracker
    irc://freenode/#debian-next IRC
    http://forums.debian.net/ Debian development forum

I am not a developer, nor will I pretend to be one.  But in the strict
sense of a "user" I have yet to see anyone here be a user.  User in the
sense of using someone's administered system without any administrative

If you are a user seeking help to get your installation working, this is the right place to start. If discussion here raises an issue that constitutes a previously unknown bug, discussion needs to be redirected to more suitable forum if a bug fix is desired rather than a place to complain that a bug exists. Developers don't often fix bugs that they don't know about. This is not a place where developers come looking to discover bugs to fix.

Nor are we talking about a real bug, but a conscious decision to stop
supporting some hardware ms as a shift of policy...

You, not we. I'm not here to discuss any policy other than whether this thread's content is suitably located, and with this post I'm finished with this sub-thread.

Should I repeat the initial problem?
Install Debian8.7.1, log in, everything is fine.
Update/Upgrade the system.
Reboot   ... everything nice.
Switch from jessie to testing
Update/upgrade ... still OK.
Black screen no prompt!

Did including iomem=relaxed on your cmdline solve your problem, or did it not?

If yes, say so.

If not, bring this to the attention of those who might be able to implement an acceptable-to-you solution or provide the pre-installation documentation with a warning that might better serve. Continuing to discuss a documentation or policy failure here is a waste of time. Supporting ancient hardware forever is not going to happen.
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