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Re: Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

Felix Miata:
> GiaThnYgeia composed on 2017-04-10 14:32 (UTC):
>> you are responding technically in solving a technical problem that
>> I presented. For this I thank you.  What I am now saying is that it is
>> unacceptable as a practice.  At least there should be a patch installed
>> of listed unsupported hardware that once detected during upgrade it
>> reconfigures the boot manager with your suggested modification.  Or
>> refuses the upgrade on the premises of "no longer supported" hardware.
> Debian-user is a user support forum, not a developer forum:
>     Debian Mailing Lists
>     debian-user
>     Community assistance and support for Debian users.
>     Support for Debian users who speak English.
>     https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/

1st of all, does this mean you have no opinion on the issue?
2nd does this mean that nobody here should express an opinion about it?
I beg to differ.

> For bug fixes and policy modifications debian-user is the wrong place
> for more than passing discussion. I suggest other avenues:
>     https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/ mailing list
>     https://www.debian.org/Bugs/ bug tracker
>     irc://freenode/#debian-next IRC
>     http://forums.debian.net/ Debian development forum

I am not a developer, nor will I pretend to be one.  But in the strict
sense of a "user" I have yet to see anyone here be a user.  User in the
sense of using someone's administered system without any administrative
Nor are we talking about a real bug, but a conscious decision to stop
supporting some hardware that the unsuspecting victim may not be alerted
about.  Digging deep into some bug report of a year ago "implying" that
some hardware may no longer be supported, does not constitute an alert.
It appears more of a passive-aggressive excuse of an "I told you so" in
the fine print.

Furthermore, among developers, for ages (decades in this case), there is
a closed culture developing over and over again, where the status-quo is
defended without addressing an issue.  Whatever is going on is just fine
with us (developers) and if you don't like it, tough!

What would you think will happen if I take my case to the developers
list, me an outsider who dares not to understand what a kernel command
mode is.  Now if you are a developer or one is reading this feel free to
transfer this criticism to the club.

If Debian has become a foundation and a base for other systems to be
based on, a developers' system, I think it needs to be more emphasized
on the very first page of debian.org .... that this system is not for
the average user, but it is directed as a base for developers to create
systems.  Which to me seems as a shift of policy of what Debian was.

Should I repeat the initial problem?
Install Debian8.7.1, log in, everything is fine.
Update/Upgrade the system.
Reboot   ... everything nice.
Switch from jessie to testing
Update/upgrade ... still OK.
Black screen no prompt!

You say  it is a known issue and a conscious decision.
You have no opinion on the matter!  It is how the cookie crumbles.
Tell that to the person staring at a blank screen without any feedback
or knowledge on what to do.
What do you really expect the X0org.log to look like and how helpful
would this be to someone with a single machine?

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG

"Who died and made you the superuser?"  Brooklinux