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Re: If Linux Is About Choice, Why Then ...

Le primidi 21 germinal, an CCXXV, tomas@xxxxxxxxxx a écrit :
> > Your other arguments make sense, but sorry, this one does not. The
> > process with PID one is the only immortal process on the system, and
> > adopts all orphan processes. For that reason, any kind of process
> > monitoring, if it needs reliability, must be rooted in PID 1. And in
> > turn, that makes process monitoring in scope for any project that aims
> > to implement a program for PID 1.
> Runit works. Think about how :-)

No need to think how: runit takes PID 1. You prove my point.

(runit can also be integrated with the rudimentary monitoring of SysV
init: hacks upon hacks)


  Nicolas George

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