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Re: Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

GiaThnYgeia composed on 2017-04-09 15:16 (UTC):

Felix Miata composed:

IOW, it is suggested that iomem=relaxed may need to be included on
kernel cmdline for the old user-space xserver-xorg-video-savage driver
to work with your gfxchip in Stretch.

Thank you for the help in answering the puzzle, but how is a
semi-i-literate person able to translate this into a command/procedure
that will achieve such a thing?  IOW, I am clueless at this point of
what a kernel cmdline is.  I suspect it is a parameter in some file that
builds up the kernel during boot ... but where is it and how do I add
this command/parameter in it?

"kernel cmdline" is also known as "Kernel Command-Line". This is the group of parameters that are provided to the kernel and init system by the bootloader as a component of using its menu. See ‘GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX’ and following on
for more detail as pertains to the bootloader Stretch normally installs.

The cmdline last applied can be view by 'cat /proc/cmdline'.

Alternatively, the cmdline last applied before Xorg was started can be found by viewing the first several lines of Xorg.0.log.

What goes onto the cmdline can be configured either by

1-reconfiguring the bootloader after a successful boot (usually via changes to /etc/default/grub, then having grub write a new /boot/grub/grub.cfg file with grub-mkconfig), or

2-while the bootloader is showing its menu after POST has completed, to make a change applicable to the boot about to be started only (usually by hitting the "e" key while the menu is onscreen".

#2 is what I was suggesting you first try to see if iomem=relaxed can solve the problem you have using your ProSavage8 S3 Graphics gfxchip. If it works then you should apply method #1.
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