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Re: Copying file has unexpected side effect

rowlett@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>On 04/09/2017 10:47 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:
>> My solution was to place this files on a separate partition of the hdd.
>> It will be mounted at boot. The fstab entry is currently
>> UUID=E90C-65B4  /media/common vfat auto,exec,rw,flush,umask=000  0 0
>> The problem occurred on the very first use:
>> I opened /media/common by double-clicking its desktop icon.
>> I then:
>>   right-clicked on the desktop icon of a text file
>>   selected "Copy" from the menu
>>   moved mouse over the displayed directory of /media/common
>>   right-clicked and chose "Paste" from menu
>> The file was _apparently_ copied as expected.
>> *HOWEVER* the act of copying set the execution flag.
>> Why?
>I received an almost OFFLIST reply stating:
>"Because your fstab entry contains the exec directive for the whole
>I suspected something of the sort. The man pages and wiki references 
>were opaque on how to chose the various mask options.
>What I had expected to happen was for execute flag to be whatever it had 
>been set to on the source side.
>I wanted all users to have rw permission - that was apparently accomplished.

The bits are rwxrwxrwx. Setting them all maps to (octal) 777. The
umask determines which bits you *don't* want to see set from mount, so
umask=111 will strip the execute bits.

Alternatively, use a real filesystem that supports permissions
better (i.e. at all). vfat is horrid in many, many ways.

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