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Re: [Stretch, 9.0] Installation failed to install net-tools (from scratch installation)

I had a very weird experience yesterday on a machine with Stretch using
firmware from misc-firmware to run a USB wifi stick.  This worked before
and it was shutdown functional and rebooted a few days later.  I first
noticed that in trying to find a network connection during boot it took
a long time which was not the case before.
I used wicd and connman to see what is going on and the wifi picked up
signals from surrounding wifi sources.  Again and again it would fail
with an error of incorrect passphrase.  I messed with the router changed
encryption back and forth on both the pc and router (what a maze that is
...  none of the router options and the software options on encryption
match exactly to someone who can't tell what all those encryption
options are).  Finally I unplugged the stick into a different USB port
to see if it made any difference.  Nothing.  I got so irritated with
losing hours of potential work to mess with something unnecessarily
trivial that I shut it down.  When calm a little later I booted it back
up.  It asked me for my keyring pass and then found the signal and asked
for the passphrase and connected fine.

DOES hardware need to warm up before it completely functions, and can a
cold pc malfunction?   It sounds like a silly question but no other
logical explanation can I conceive about the incident.

Sven Joachim:
> On 2017-04-06 11:09 -0400, Jameson Burt wrote:
>> On Sunday, April 2, I installed from scatch on all new hardware.
>> That installation failed to install
>>    net-tools
> This is to be expected, net-tools is no longer installed by default, 
> the alleged successor is iproute2.
>> The whole installation "seemed" to go well,
>> and on reboot the desktop interface worked well.
>> While the installation properly used some networking during installation,
>> afterwords I couldn't access anything beyond my computer, including
>>    apt-get  install  dctrl-tools
> Finding out why that happened would be very useful.
>> So, while debugging, the following commands were missing
>>    route
>>    ifconfig
> Use the ip command instead, specifically "ip route" and "ip address".
> Cheers,
>        Sven

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