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Re: Tuning boot time of my server

Le 04/08/17 à 21:15, Markus Grunwald a écrit :
> Hello,
> just for sports, I tried to minimise the boot time of my server, which
> is running systemd. I have one mayor blocker:
>  % systemd-analyze blame
>          10.746s srv-share-backup.mount
>          10.258s nfs-kernel-server.service
>           3.311s mysql.service
>           1.444s apache2.service
>           1.344s epgd.service
>           1.012s privoxy.service
> /srv/share/backup lives on a Western Digital WD RED, and this device
> takes ages to spin up. So I'd rather /not/ spin this disk, if it is
> not necessary - which it isn't. That's why I've set up an automount
> unit for it.
> Now I don't understand why it is mounted on booting. /srv/share/backup
> is exported via NFS, which might be the reason for the slow
> nfs-kernel-server.service. But I have other exports on WD REDs as
> well, and they are not mounted while booting.
> So why is srv-share-backup.mount started at boot-time? It's not wanted
> or directly enabled:
> % find /etc/systemd -type l -iname \*.mount
> /etc/systemd/system/local-fs.target.requires/-.mount
> /etc/systemd/system/local-fs.target.wants/boot.mount
> /etc/systemd/system/dev-disk-by\x2duuid-10ad4727\x2d658c\x2d4559\x2d90b3\x2dfd966f8dbf96.device.wants/boot.mount
> Can you give me a hint? I've attached the tiny output of
> "systemd-analyze plot " for your reference.
> --
> Markus Grunwald
> http://www.the-grue.de/~markus/markus_grunwald.gpg

For my servers the longest time by far is when the firmware (BIOS or EFI
begins and tests evrything), not the boot itself, except on old Redhat
which waited before really starting and had no parrallel boot. Debian
boot time with or without systemd can be neglected, especially for
servers who boot not more than twice a year.