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Tuning boot time of my server


just for sports, I tried to minimise the boot time of my server, which
is running systemd. I have one mayor blocker:

 % systemd-analyze blame
         10.746s srv-share-backup.mount
         10.258s nfs-kernel-server.service
          3.311s mysql.service
          1.444s apache2.service
          1.344s epgd.service
          1.012s privoxy.service

/srv/share/backup lives on a Western Digital WD RED, and this device
takes ages to spin up. So I'd rather /not/ spin this disk, if it is
not necessary - which it isn't. That's why I've set up an automount
unit for it.
Now I don't understand why it is mounted on booting. /srv/share/backup
is exported via NFS, which might be the reason for the slow
nfs-kernel-server.service. But I have other exports on WD REDs as
well, and they are not mounted while booting.

So why is srv-share-backup.mount started at boot-time? It's not wanted
or directly enabled:

% find /etc/systemd -type l -iname \*.mount

Can you give me a hint? I've attached the tiny output of
"systemd-analyze plot " for your reference.

Markus Grunwald

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