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Re: Excel shared spreadsheets on samba file server

Dante F  B  Colò wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I 'm trying to find what it happens on my Samba AD servers especially 
> with shared spreadsheets, my personal opinion this feature on Excel  is 
> crap and unreliable but many people use it, how does Samba currently 
> behave with this ? Is someone experienced any problem with this ? 
> Frequently happens changes made by other user are lost the spreadsheet 
> opens as read only , the shares are all using vfs_acl_xattr module to 
> mimic NTFS permissions, clients are all windows machines versions 7 and 
> 10 , i upgraded samba 4.3.11 to 4.5.7 but both have the same behavior.  
> Any ideas ?

Working as designed.  When a user opens a file, it is locked for editing
by that user.  No one else can modify it.

If you need true multi-user access, a database is probably a better

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