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Re: [Stretch, 9.0] Installation failed to install net-tools (from scratch installation)

On 2017-04-06 11:09 -0400, Jameson Burt wrote:

> On Sunday, April 2, I installed from scatch on all new hardware.
> That installation failed to install
>    net-tools

This is to be expected, net-tools is no longer installed by default, 
the alleged successor is iproute2.

> The whole installation "seemed" to go well,
> and on reboot the desktop interface worked well.
> While the installation properly used some networking during installation,
> afterwords I couldn't access anything beyond my computer, including
>    apt-get  install  dctrl-tools

Finding out why that happened would be very useful.

> So, while debugging, the following commands were missing
>    route
>    ifconfig

Use the ip command instead, specifically "ip route" and "ip address".