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[Stretch, 9.0] Installation failed to install net-tools (from scratch installation)

On Sunday, April 2, I installed from scatch on all new hardware.
That installation failed to install

The whole installation "seemed" to go well,
and on reboot the desktop interface worked well.

While the installation properly used some networking during installation,
afterwords I couldn't access anything beyond my computer, including 
   apt-get  install  dctrl-tools
So, while debugging, the following commands were missing

During Debian installation, I  hand configured partitions on a flashdrive and a hard-drive through the Debian installation prompts as
   first drive:  /
   second drive: /home
The first drive is actually a Kungaru 32 GB USB 3.0 flashdrive with read/write switch 
(I have yet to turn the Kunguru flashdrive switch to read-only).
The second drive is a 1 TB internal SATA hard-drive.

During Debian installation, I chose 
   ssh server
   web server
   one other (probably email server)
All my other Debian installation interactions were normal.

To resolve this problem, I'll download "net-tools" on another computer, 
then on my new computer install 
   dpkg  -i  net-tools

I send this email because this is a Debian "stretch" installation problem 
that Debian ought to fix.

Note: I am not subscribed to this email list [but this email is germane].
I will follow responses as they occur in the Debian email list archives.