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Re: Sound problems (mpd, mpv mainly)

On 06/04/17 07:45, Ric Moore wrote privately to me with a question about how my previous remarks made sense.

Here's my public answer.

First, the dependency bill could be considerably more than 111kB, because while pavucontrol is itself only 111kB, it also requires the Pango font handling library, the Cairo drawing library, the GTK+ windowing library, the GLib utility library, the Canberra event sounds library, and the ATK accessibility interface library, none of which are dependencies of pulseaudio.

The average GUI user wouldn't be bothered by that, since they've probably got all of those libraries dragged in by application software, but not all use cases for pulseaudio require a GUI in the first place (I might be running it on my headless home media server), and some GUI users treat their GUI as just a way to have lots of xterms on screen at once.

Second, pulseaudio Depends: pulseaudio-utils, meaning that any Debian system with pulseaudio installed will have pacmd (an interactive terminal-oriented program for submitting commands to a pulseaudio server) and pactl (a non-interactive program for submitting commands to a pulseaudio server) available. These are inconvenient for your particular use case, but they are sufficient to make pulseaudio functional.

Thus, suggesting that "pulseaudio Suggests: pavucontrol" should become "pulseaudio Recommends: pavucontrol" would be entirely reasonable, since a very common set of pulseaudio use cases are vastly more convenient with pavucontrol installed, but suggesting that it should become "pulseaudio Depends: pavucontrol" would not.