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Almost all gpg2 operations hang after upgrade to stretch/testing

Hi fellow debian users,

after upgrading a system running debian jessie/stable, I performed an
upgrade to stretch/testing, which went fairly well for the most part.  I
had a few issues, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I have unresolved issues with gpg though.  This is what happened so far:

Most operations on gpg2 gave me a message that the old keys will be
migrated.  The problem is: this seemed to hang indefinitely, without
consuming many resources.  As I couldn’t find a solution, I copied my
whole ~/.gnupg directory to a different machine, where the migration had
been successful for other keys (created and used on debian jessie, then
migrated to archlinux, gpg2 version 2.1.19).  This worked, and I copied
~/.gnupg back again.  The problem is: this didn’t resolve my issue.  The
migrated keys work fine on the archlinux machine where I performed the
migration, yet practically all operations on my debian machine simply
hang without much output as to what is supposed to happen or consuming
resources.  While writing this mail I realized that the slightly older
version of gpg2 on stretch (2.1.18) may be an issue.  Can this be the case?

For instance gpg2 -K --verbose prints "gpg: using pgp trust model", but
then just hangs.  Trying to decrypt a file via gpg2 -d --verbose
<filename> simply outputs what my public key is (I think a fingerprint
is listed), and then also hangs.

gpg2 -k on the other hand works.

As I have a backup of my complete home directory from before the system
upgrade, I still have access to ~/.gnupg as it was before the upgrade,
should that be necessary.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

Best regards,

Nathanael Schweers