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Re: GPU advice for Debian stretch?

On 05/04/17 18:25, Joshua Schaeffer wrote:
If you are looking for an exact answer of "Card /XYZ/ works in Debian
Stretch with package /ABC/" then I don't have an answer for you. Could
you provide a little more detail about your requirements, like what you
plan to use the card for. Do you do any video editing, gaming, movie
playback, multi-monitor support, etc? Also, what is your price range?
Are you sold on using AMD? Any physical size requirements of the card?


* Provides a decent frame rate and scroll/zoom smoothness for _Europa Universalis IV_ and _Stellaris_.
* Costs less than £100 absolute maximum.
* Has good software support in Debian stretch-with-nonfree

Don't care about the chipset vendor, and size is not particularly an issue. Going by other remarks in this thread and double-checking the advertised requirements of the games, it sounds like a GeForce GT 710 might well be sufficient for my desires (and I can get one by internet mail order for under £50 inc. delivery e.g. https://www.shop.bt.com/products/zotac-geforce-gt-710-2gb-ddr3-pcie-2-0-dvi-d-sub-hdmi-zt-71302-20l-CP8C.html?refs=57430000 )

Anything that *needs* more GPU than that probably also needs more CPU than I've got.