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Re: GPU advice for Debian stretch?

On Apr 05, 2017, at 01:25 PM, Joshua Schaeffer <jschaeffer0922@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

However, Almost any discrete, modern, mainline card (Geforce or ATI) will work. If you want to use proprietary drives then just check the manufacturers website if that particular card has a Linux driver for download. I haven't video card shopped in a bit, but last I checked Geforce typcially provides good drivers for their cards on Linux and FreeBSD. I believe ATI typically works closer with the opensource community and sends their changes to the appropriate groups, but also has drivers available for direct download.

Not true. There is a specific group of ATI cards that are relatively new but are not supported by the new amdgpu driver. I myself have posted in this mailing list not long ago about this issue in Jessie with my Radeon R9 270X, bought in November of 2014. 

My best advice is to look at these cards: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/firmware-amd-graphics
Note that my card is not included on this list, while other R9 cards are. For the OP's HD6530, it looks like it  depends on the exact series and microcode of the card, so his may well not be supported.