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Re: GPU advice for Debian stretch?

Martin Read [2017-04-05 13:51:46+01] wrote:

> I don't have the money to replace my computer right now, so I'm
> looking at the number-and-letter soup of PCI Express discrete graphics
> cards. Any recommendations? Not looking for some all-singing
> all-dancing thing with seventeen fans, just something that - with the
> drivers available for stretch - will get me at least as much
> performance and capability as my current chip achieves with its
> proprietary driver.

All-singing all-dancing (and powerful) Geforce GTX 1080 works well with
Strecth's nvidia-driver and related packages. I use it in Debian 8 with
backported drivers. I'd conclude that Debian's support for quite modern
Nvidia cards is good.

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