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Re: GPU advice for Debian stretch?

Martin Read composed on 2017-04-05 13:51 (UTC+0100):

I'm currently using an AMD "APU" system with integrated Radeon HD6530D
graphics (yes, that's a component from 2011; the computer still works
fine). This is kind of awkward when considering moving to stretch:

* The DKMS-support package for the fglrx proprietary driver will not be
available for stretch.
* The radeon free driver *still* isn't on par with fglrx on my hardware.
fglrx gave me OpenGL 4.4; radeon gives me 3.3 and visibly inferior
* The amdgpu free driver (which I'm guessing won't be in stretch except
via backports anyway) doesn't support my hardware.

I don't have the money to replace my computer right now, so I'm looking
at the number-and-letter soup of PCI Express discrete graphics cards.
Any recommendations? Not looking for some all-singing all-dancing thing
with seventeen fans, just something that - with the drivers available
for stretch - will get me at least as much performance and capability as
my current chip achieves with its proprietary driver.

Have you tried removing all gfxchip-specific drivers? That should result in your 6530 using the integral modeset(0) driver, which has become the default for Intel gfxchips and works for most NVidia and AMD/ATI.
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