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Re: Thanks Thomas!

Thomas Schmitt wrote:
>songbird wrote:
>>   ok, looks like the two versions are the same in
>> the first sector (netinst for i386 and amd64) so
>> the fix should work...
> The fix should apply to all Debian i386 and amd64 ISOs which were made
> with isohybrid functionality. The bug was introduced in may 2009. Steve
> McIntyre announced the new capability of Debian testing ISOs in january
> 2011. Debian 6 came out in february.
> I have a debian-6.0.5-amd64-businesscard.iso which already is isohybrid.
> One possible drawback is that it does not preserve the Apple Partition
> Map of the EFI-capable Debian ISOs.
> I am not aware of any machine which would boot Debian ISOs with APM
> and would not if APM is missing. To my understanding it is necessary
> to anounce HFS+ boot images to certain old Macs. But Debian ISOs do
> not provide HFS+ images.


  i just realised this morning that for the new
machine i should not need to apply this fix to
get it to boot from a USB stick.  heh...