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Likely a BUG - was [Re: Recording needed data from mate-search-tool - possible?]

On 04/03/2017 12:59 AM, Richard Owlett wrote:

The annoying facet of the problem is that
"Applications->Accessories->Search for files" retrieves exactly
the data I want and can sort it so that it visually groups data
'productively'{right word??}.

But it can only be saved as an image. I need ASCII text.

Suggested content for a bug report.

Problem Description: When right-clicking on selected item(s) and selecting "Save Results As..." valuable information is NOT recorded.

What is saved: ONLY the complete path to file or directory.
What is LOST:  item's type, containing folder, date, size.
Solution:      add option to save as CSV file
  The existing GUI provides tools for selecting/sorting data.
  There are multiple tools for manipulating and printing CSV data.

[As a side note - all folders report "size" of 4.1 kB.
 Likely should be reported as blank or "N/A"]