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Re: Thanks Thomas!


(It would be embarrassing if a different Thomas was meant.)

songbird wrote:
> your recent efforts helped me get an
> install going via USB stick on this ancient 
> machine (the bug with the cd image not being
> able to find isolinux.bin also was affecting
> the netinst i386 cd-image i had downloaded).

I assume you mean

In this case i have to share the thanks with David Christensen, who
reported the bug and bravely tested, and Martin Str|mberg, who produced
the fixed code. 

>  the dd to copy the bytes as posted to the
> bug (see cd-image bug list for those who
> care) took care of it and i was off and 
> running...

The vulnerable BIOSes seem to be more widespread than thought.

The fixed MBR code piece
is said to be available only for a limited time.

Be so kind and write a mail to  857597@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  which tells
that David Christensen is not the only one who has a needy computer.
Consider to support my proposal in
  "I propose that Debian gets it too and offers it for download together
   with a description what problem it might fix and how to apply it.
   If it gets a Debian URL and if i get pointed to an empty wiki page,
   i would volunteer to write the description."

Have a nice day :)