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Re: glade-gtk3?

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Monday 03 April 2017 13:15:04 songbird wrote:
>> Gene Heskett wrote:
>> > Greetings;
>> >
>> > My last question seemed to have been routed to /dev/null.
>>   i went and found it.  probably wrong mailing list to
>> be asking such questions (gtk/gtk3 developers lists
>> seem more appropriate).
> Probably, but not subbed to that list, darnit.

  i read many lists via gmane and a usenet reader.
much faster than dealing with an individual list
subscription for each one.

  the only thing that comes up is that some are
read only and others you can reply to but you have
to confirm the first reply so that gmane knows
you are legit.

>> > Is there a time in the foreseeable future the complete glade-gtk2
>> > version 3.8.0 kit of gfx widgits might be updated to gtk3
>> > compatibility?
>>   as with most other projects of this kind, developers
>> tend to wander off to what is hot/current and can
>> potentially make them some $...
>>   got $ ?
> A TANNSAAFL scene.  Expected.  What sort of $ are we talking about?

  heh, considering i have zero expertise and 
you'd want this done within your lifetime...
not a good thing for me to even look at...

  i'm nudging you towards the people who actually
do have the experience/knowledge as they are the
ones who would do it much faster than i ever could.

  you could probably do it faster...  ;)