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Re: where is usb.h?


Mark Copper
> There is a Perl package, libdevice-usb-perl, in which C code is
> "inlined" (using Perl package libinline-c-perl). The first statement
> of the inlined C code is
>   #include <usb.h>
> The query
>   https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=contents&keywords=usb.h
> shows many results,

But not my first suspect:

  libusb-dev: /usr/include/usb.h

(One of the results of:
   apt-file search /usb.h
 This more narrow search finds it too:

Am i right that you mean
In line 13 of that file, there is mentioned '-lusb', which would be
the linker option to link with libusb. libusb-dev would be the package
with include files for libusb.

Have a nice day :)