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Re: strange problem with chromium

Cindy-Sue Causey wrote:
On 3/31/17, Dominik George <nik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

[…] on Ubuntu 14.04 […]
Any chance you chose the wrong mailing lis
I missed that part when I skimmed the email. Am writing to say that I
am experiencing something similar *occasionally* on Debian Stretch.
Was seeing it on Jessie, too. I'll grab the message next time I see

Cindy :)

Thanks to everyone for your replies. Sure, I should have addressed to the Ubuntu list... Anyhow, the replies I got here are good enough : chromium works OK, only trouble is at start... and I now know that other people have a similar problem on Debian. I think it is likely to be a connexion problem with 'my' Google account. I didn't even remember having a Google account, but, maybe, a few years ago I had got one for Google Groups.

Upon installing Chromium, I didn't know that it had anything to do with Google ; I knew that Google Chrome had used the Chromium code, but I did not suppose that Chromium had tied itself with Google in return ; I'd rather thought of a conflictual relationship between the two.

I also have a Debian system on this other computer ; it is old Lenny, which I don't intend to upgrade, since I have so many things I want to keep as is, that may require a lot of time to adapt to a new system ; instead I plan to ADD a new Jessie system on an additional hard drive that I will get installed in my desktop computer, which will allow a choice through multiboot. I don't have Chromium on Lenny, only on my Ubuntu laptop, I will install it on Jessie whenever I get it. But then, as far as web browsers are concerned, the problem remains : either you have problem with whatever needs Flashplayer, or you must go commercial through Google...
Your advices on the flashplayer problem will be welcome