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Old 32bit PC 650kRam less VidMem 1024x768 will not run on Stretch ok on Jessie

I installed several times 8.7.1 LXDE and as soon as I forced Stretch on
it it will boot up but will not bring up a graphic display.  Attempts to
revert and/or switch from LightDM to LXDM did not cure the problem.
The second time I updated 8.7.1 to its latest and then tried to make the
switch to Debian9.  Trying to boot up with Linux 3.18 didn't have any
effect.  The screen flashed some colors trying to bring up the DM but it
remains black afterwards.

So the third time I just reinstalled and updated 8.7.1 to its current
stable state and it runs fine (slow but one heck faster than windows).
I wonder if anyone else has similar problems and such problems have been
reported.  I tried to look through the bug maze but did not find
anything.  Next visit up there I will record the details of Hardware to

1024x768 is the max resolution it can handle and with the low memory
it has, some "windows" like synaptic or firefox, when you try to move
them around it seems like it takes forever, like it virtually
tries to erase the picture from one pixel to draw the next.

This is not a problem as there is nothing within the system worth
saving, it was just an exercise to fix and backup old data from a WinXP
that had become a mesh (pictures, documents, etc).  I used about 8Gb of
free disk to install Debian to backup the rest of the 80GB drive.  This
must be a 15y old machine, at least.  I think it is a very early Celeron
processor with about 256k video memory.

Still, if Debian8 runs why does Debian9 fail?  Simple upgrade from 8 to
9, nothing else changed.  As soon as the update/grade finished and it is
rebooted it is all black.  Scraping the LXDE/lightdm/Openbox the login
screen works fine and runs apt and everything else just fine.  No
graphic display, that's all.


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