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Bluetooth Connection Issue

I am running a Toshiba Satellite L755D laptop, debian testing (recently
upgraded from jessie), MATE desktop with Blueman bluetooth manager.  I
was trying to pair a new tablet (running Android 6.0) to my laptop using
the Blueman graphical manager.  Unfortunately, regardless as to whether
the pairing request was initiated by the tablet or the computer, I got
the normal pop-up request on the tablet requesting verification of the
pass code, but nothing ever came up on the computer.  In the past, I got
a popup notification to verify the pass code.  Once the pass code was
verified both on the computer and tablet, pair completed, and the device
was usable.  But, as no notification showed up on the laptop, I could
not pair the device.

After a little looking around on my system (I maintain a complete set of
tools for cli maintenance, just in case), I was able to use bt-device to
get the MAC address of the tablet and pair it.  Once paired, I was able
to connect using Blueman, and was able to transfer files via bluetooth
both directions.

Given this information the following questions present themselves:
	1) Is there a setting somewhere that will cause this issue?
	2) Is this a known issue with Testing or Blueman?
	3) Is there a solution which will allow use of Blueman for pairing?

Clearly, the kernel and drivers on the system are working correctly, or
I would not be able to accomplish the pairing with bt-device.  I suspect
the problem is with notifications, either in general, or with Blueman
specifically, that is causing the problem, and that were I to be getting
the notification I expect, I would be able to accept the pass code and
proceed normally.

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