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Re: OT: speaking of days (weeks, months, years, etc.)

Lisi Reisz:
> On Friday 31 March 2017 22:53:00 kAt wrote:
>> As there is a domination of the
>> industrial North and elitism against the dominated South.
> Not here!!!!  The non-industrial white collar south-east dominates the 
> industrial north economically.  The Northern Powerhub is so far a figment of 
> the politicians' imaginations.  Banks trump factories.

It does not have to do with geography but with history.  The north of
the uk did not go into a bloody civil war with the south and for
economical reasons (cheap industrial labor) vs even cheaper
non-industrial labor.  As the discussion started from the remark about
bumkins down in N.Carolina to draw parallels about North and South Korea
would be meaningless.  It relates to the social issues about the
"economical development" against the "underdevelopment" of the south.
The social implications in which case relate to differentiation in
education, health, infrustructure of "developed" areas and
underdeveloped areas.  Before the civil war started things were pretty
reversed with S.Carolina having almost 10 times the per capita income of
the rest of the US, the best schools and the best of everything.

In the UK the NHS and public schools were pretty much equal for all, it
had nothing to do with regional economic development.

> Lisi

I don't know why you are derailing the issue to something completely
irrelevant, unless there is a N.Carolina down south in the UK I don't
know about!

We do want southerners (down southerners) of all kinds equally welcome
in this Debian community, don't we?  Even Aboriginees from S.Australia.
That is my point!

 "The most violent element in society is ignorance" rEG