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Re: OT: speaking of days (weeks, months, years, etc.)

Lisi Reisz:
> And let us clear up another misunderstanding while we are at it.  The other 
> side of the pond you appear to be under a delusion that there is such a thing 
> as British anything, including English.  Try telling that to the Welsh, the 
> Irish and the Scots! 

There is nevertheless an English domination in culture and
communication, on both sides of the pond, even though in N.America the
English (not British) identification as origin is way down on the list
of origins, in terms of numbers.  As there is a domination of the
industrial North and elitism against the dominated South.  As there is a
domination of European origin in South Africa, in NZ, and Australia,
among other places.  There are those who have put up one hell of a
struggle against domination and those who have done very little, and
those who were assimilated into the dominant group, which is what
dominators prefer best.  And we all know about the Irish, maybe a little
about the Scots too.  What was that other group?

Debian should not be an instrument of domination but should be equally
belonging to everyone.  This is why looking "down" at anybody should not
be tolerated.  Not in a Debian community at least!

> Lisi

>From .onion land have a good weekend