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strange problem with chromium

Hi to Everyone,

Every time I start my newly installed Chromium (on Ubuntu 14.04), I get this warning message below. I have to cancel it twice before the app starts to work normally.

translated from French :
'Please type your password to unlock connection tool kit. The pasword you are using for the purpose of starting a session on this computer, no longer matches that of your connexion tool-kit'. Whichever paswords that may be relevant that I type or retype, are not reckognized.

in the maintime, this other warning displays : 'Impossible to read your preferences. Some functions may not be available, and your personal config may not be saved'

Every other software works OK on this system with no password problem. In fact, Chromium also seems to work OK, once I have cancelled twice the warning above, and whatever change I make is being recorded for next start, such as character size.

Thanks in advance for your advices