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glade3, no progress in making it work like glade2?

Greetings all;

There was at one time, quite an extensive list of video widgits for the 
glade2 environment, but when gtk2 went to gtk3, the only thing that was 
brought forward was the designer and a small list of mostly text 
oriented stuff, leaving out in glade-3.12.1, all the stuff needed to 
make it actually usable to a gui designer.

So we are now stuck with the tcl/tk toolkit and python to drive it. So we 
_can_ get the job done, but we're stuck with a text editor, writing most 
of the video stuff in xml.

But the stripping of 3/4ths of the graphics widgits from gtk3, has 
essentially made a steer out of what was a quite capable bull.

Cannot glade be drug, probably kicking and screaming, into the gtk3 

Or are we stuck using pyvcp for this stuff forever? gtk3 has been out for 
what, 6 years now?

Thanks for any hints on how to bring glade back to life in todays 

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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