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Re: HP Printer (OfficeJet 8730) Installation

On 2017-03-30, Peter Hillier-Brook <phb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm connected via Ethernet so all my computers can use the device. Call
> me old fashioned: I've been using Ethernet since the '80s and I trust
> the security of wires rather more than wireless.

This may be of little interest to anyone but that has never stopped me in
the past. 

I recently configured cups to share my usb connected Brother HL-2030 (no
ethernet port) with my spouse's (funny word, that--mon épouse) windows
laptop via IPP. No samba, simple as pie.

Local lan sharing.


Actually I'm ashamed to say configured because all I did was check
"Share printers connected to this system" in the Cups adminstration web
interface tab and add a printer to the windows (10) machine (shared
printer by name) whose location is:

Yes, I always have the same internal lan ip address.

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