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Re: Movie 'n Book recommendations by Curt

> On Mar 30, 2017, at 6:10 PM, Lisi Reisz <lisi.reisz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On Thursday 30 March 2017 21:22:57 Catherine Gramze wrote:
>> This reminds me of the time a professor gave a coding assignment on
>> Tuesday, due "next Thursday." To most of the class that meant in 2 days,
>> rather than next week. Hilarity ensued. But I think the Brits have it
>> right, with "Thursday" meaning in two days, and "Thursday next" meaning
>> next week. (I may be imagining this difference in clarity, though.)
> All the Brits I know say "next Thursday" with exactly the ambiguity mentioned.
> Cue every Brit who disagrees, from among the very large number of Brits whom I 
> do not know!!
Cruel of you to disabuse me of my happy illusion of Brit linguistic superiority. Next, you'll be telling me it's spelled aluminium....