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Midori - Stretch amd64 freezing up - weird TB behavior

Debian stretch on amd64

Totally freezing up is a new experience with debian ever
The only thing I can associate it with is my recent trial with Midori
and somehow its association with html files to auto start.
It is the most recent thing running when it happens.
Has anyone had a similar exprerience with it?
Everything else is pretty much on all day and although rarely I may have
run into a situation of too much cpu or RAM being used, things don't
freeze, just slow down.  I am usually able to start the task manager up
and shut something down.
With this recent phenomenon it is a freeze with 0 response, except for
the mouse pointer still moving around precisely in a picture like
screen.  I can't say for sure I can reproduce it with midori, maybe it
is something specific that makes it freeze up.  I'm goint to uninstall
it to see if it happens again.

Also thunderbird doesn't seem to be as functional as icedove used to be.
 When i-d started as soon as an account was clicked that had a saved
password it would ask for the master-password.  TB seems to just blank
out, neither checks for mail that it is asked to nor does it ask for the
masterpassword.  On the second try it seems to wake up and its job.
Although as it is running all day I doubt it is the freeze-up culprit.