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Re: Wan/Lan problem

On Wednesday, March 29, 2017 05:11:25 PM Mike McClain wrote:
> The problem I have with your solution is that the Win2K box is not
> behind the firewall I have running on the Linux box.
> Thank you for your thoughts.

You're welcome!

I think Henning, in a later post, may have identified the problem in your 

Still for posterity, I'll mention a few things:

   * I don't know what you have in your firewall, but I think (but am not sure) 
that most routers can do firewalls

   * And a router like the EdgeRouter from Unity has an underlying (and 
accessible) Debian OS (6.n) so maybe your firewall rules could be moved there.  

   * I don't use firewalls, I use NAT (which has a few variations) and an 
/etc/hosts files which basically ignores a large number of spammy websites (by 
resolving the host name to

Good luck, I hope Henniing has identified the problem!