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Re: Matrox G550 + mga driver hangs system

I tried to net install Stretch to my MGA550 machine, but kept getting segfaults trying to configure network. So I restored a backup image of Jessie from another machine to my MGA550 machine. It worked normally, so I dist-upgraded it to Stretch on vtty 3. When done, I logged into :1 using startx with a good TDE session. Then I exited and logged in in the greeter. That worked too. I logged out, then tried to log back in, and got a black screen and no keyboard response.

I rebooted, and tried various cmdline options and switching back and forth between graphical and multi-user targets for over an hour. Sometimes I'd get black screen and no keyboard response. Sometimes X would start and immediately exit. Sometimes a segfault would show up in dmesg. Sometimes a segfault would show up in Xorg.0.log. I had a bug almost ready to file before figuring out using multi-user.target how to reliably get a working TDE session using this kernel cmdline:
root=LABEL=SS25deb9 ipv6.disable=1 net.ifnames=0 noresume vga=791 iomem=relaxed

I'm actually starting via a script, /usr/local/bin/tdestart:
WINDOWMANAGER=/opt/trinity/bin/starttde startx

xserver-xorg-legacy is installed, and /usr/bin/Xorg perms are set to 4711.

Adding drm.debug=1 or drm.debug=0x0e to cmdline causes black screen, no KBD response, and the following in dmesg & the journal:
kernel: mtrr: no MTRR for f4000000,2000000 found
kernel: [drm] Initialized
kernel: [drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
kernel: [drm] No driver support for vblank timestamp query.
kernel: [drm] Initialized mga 3.2.1 20051102 for 0000:01:00.0 on minor 0
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