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Re:Movie 'n Book recommendations by Curt

> On 2017-03-28, kAt <giathnygeia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> All I can say is that I feel honored that some useful code was produced
>> with my problem statement as an inspiration.
> That's like some befuddled bumpkin down in North Carolina saying he's
> proud to find a portrait of himself in one of Thomas Wolfe's books.

What do you mean down?  You arrogant yankee?

> Actually it's not really anything like that. I'm just reading a book by
> Thomas Wolfe and the notion entered my mind while perusing your post is
> all.

You are just thinking aloud, is that it?

> Completely out of line and off-topic but I recommend the movie "Genius"
> with Jude Law (great performance by Jude Law).  As well as the books, of
> course.