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Re: Matrox G550 + mga driver hangs system

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On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 02:36:55PM +0100, Tony Stoneley wrote:
> I'm trying an experimental upgrade from stable to testing on an
> elderly system with a Matrox Millenium G550 graphics adaptor plugged
> directly into the motherboard, using the mga driver, and have run into
> a brick wall with the xserver. When started, eg with startx, the
> system immediately freezes and the only escape seems to be reboot. In
> particular ctrl-alt-Fn has no effect in this state, which makes
> diagnosis tricky. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Sorry I can't help you much with X, but perhaps one remark/question
which might be of interest to those who can:

is the system totally dead or just the display? Can you ping (or even
ssh) your box? In case you have no network, the effort of setting one
up (locally) might well pay off.

> [Mandatory declaration, having read the rubrics: I am not subscribed
> to this list (for fear of drowning). I just read the web archive. I
> post this with some trepidation...]

No worries :-)

> Perhaps there was more that never got flushed to disk, but who knows.
> More of the elided material available on request of course, together
> with any other info.

Another thing you could clear up if you can access your box through
the back door.

- -- tomás
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