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Re: Future upgrade from Stretch RC2 to release

On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 07:44:15PM +0000, Niclas Arndt wrote:
> * Is there any chance that Stretch will be stable by 2017-05-16 when OpenSUSE
> Leap 42.1 goes EOL?

I'd say no.

> * Is it advisable to install Stretch RC2 today, start configuring the server,
> and later upgrade to the release version before going into productive use? Is
> there a risk for problems with such an approach?

For a personal mail server, I'd say, yes. If you were talking about a mail
server for a business that needed high availability or somesuch, I'd say no.

> * Should I instead install 8.7 and later upgrade to Stretch? The only reason
> for me to look for an alternative to OpenSUSE is the short productive life of
> each release and too frequent configuration changes.

For a personal mail server, I'd go straight to stretch. For a production
system, you could consider jessie now and an upgrade to stretch later, yes.

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