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Re: DD bs=4M option on USB mem-stick creates false format

Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> songbird wrote:

>> always give an option to do a dry run without any actual changes
>> being made
> But what difference would that make ?

  just me and a preference to err on the side
of caution when dealing with devices that might
alter a very basic thing.

> If the program thinks it's not ok, then it will refuse.
> If it thinks it's ok, then shall the user refrain nevertheless ?

  maybe, if they just want to see what it says
it will do.

  also, consider that bugs do happen and sometimes
a dry run switch will discover them before it does
the actual write to the device.

> Of course it's safer to know what is on the stick or to inspect
> it by commands like "fdisk -l" and "isoinfo -d".

  yes, always a good idea.

  mostly the idea is to prevent "wrong device" or a fumble
finger kind of error.  with some things i know it is ok to
ask for forgiveness instead of asking for permission, but
when it comes down to devices and partition tables i put 
them in the more paranoid group.

> Have a nice day :)

  ya, was excellent.