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Re: Future upgrade from Stretch RC2 to release

Niclas Arndt wrote:
> Hi,
> I am considering changing from OpenSUSE to Debian for my e-mail server but =
> I expect a learning curve. I'm sorry if my questions are basic, but please =
> bear with me.

  saying what kind of experience you have so far
would help a great deal.  i'm assuming you have some

> * Is there any chance that Stretch will be stable by 2017-05-16 when OpenSU=
> SE Leap 42.1 goes EOL?

  because you mention a learning curve, i'd just assume
that you won't have this ready to go by then...  not
because i doubt you can do it, i just have no idea, so
i'm always willing to err on the side of giving myself
enough time to make sure things are covered that need
to be covered.

  Things To Do List:


> * Is it advisable to install Stretch RC2 today, start configuring the serve=
> r, and later upgrade to the release version before going into productive us=
> e? Is there a risk for problems with such an approach?

  i think that you are seeing the final months, but with
over 200RC bugs it will likely be longer.  however, perhaps
some miracle bug squashing parties will happen and it will
go sooner.  anyways, whatever does happen i don't think the
final shape of the release is going to change to a huge
degree now.  and noting your comment about not wanting to
deal with configuration changes frequently.  updating from
Jessie to Stretch will be more work IMO.

> * Should I instead install 8.7 and later upgrade to Stretch? The only reaso=
> n for me to look for an alternative to OpenSUSE is the short productive lif=
> e of each release and too frequent configuration changes.

  no, just go with Stretch as it stands now and follow along
as you are learning.  it will be a good way to learn some
of the basics you'll need.

> * Does anybody know if Squirrelmail is working properly with PHP7 now? (I k=
> now that this is off-topic.)

  no idea on these.  someone else will have to address...

> Grateful for your input. Thanks in advance.