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Re: When specifying path to file - confused about ./ and ~/

kAt wrote:
> I have an example where this might be useful or then I am not
> understanding the difference.
> Let's say you have an executable package in the system and let's call it
> pkgX
> If you type pkgX in any prompt then /usr/bin/pkgX will be executed

  maybe, maybe not (depends upon path).

  if you don't know where the executable is coming
from you can use the command:

$ which <program_name>

  note: some executables are in /usr/bin, some are
in /bin or /sbin...

  which directories are used/searched will depend upon
the path, perhaps the shell you are using and
of course which user you are.

> But let's say you want to download and run a variation of this package,
> edit its source and modify it, or just want to run separately a
> standalone package in /xyz/packageX/pkgX
> If you $cd /xyz/packageX and then $ ./pkgX the standalone would run,
> right?  While pkgX will run the /usr/bin/pkgX

  see above...